Practical Diamond Engagement Rings for Him and Her

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Diamonds rings are considered as a symbol of the enduring relationship between two people who commit to stay together forever. Engagement is once in a lifetime occasion when rings are exchanged to signify the commitment socially. Those who can afford a diamond ring for their life partners are really fortunate, but it is also important to choose a right model. The countless options available on jewellery showroom are very confusing. Thus it is essential to prepare your mindset before buying. If you want to buy an engagement ring that one can wear on a regular basis then think practically.

What Are Practical Diamond Rings?

At first sight, all rings will look beautiful, but it doesn’t mean that they are practically qualifying to wear on a regular basis. If you are planning to buy a ring for just occasional wearing then many options in prong, trilogy, cathedral or shank will be available. However, choosing a practical as well as the stylish setting can be challenging. Basically, practical rings are designed in some particular shapes that don’t involve any risk of damaging itself or others during working hours. Nowadays, both men and women equally contribute to earnings. Thus their professional life doesn’t allow to wear sings that snag in clothes or other fibres during working hours. It matters most to men because their professions are much harsh than women. In this situation, choose a ring wisely rather than impressing with design only.


Below are some settings that suit perfectly for regular wearing, take a look.

1)    Channel setting

Rather than highlighting a big diamond on crown, small stones are set in in the band that is designed in a channel shape. It means, leaving some space between two metal strips to fix the diamonds. As per the preference and budget, stones can be set partially or entirely on band. Platinum metal for men and yellow gold for women suits perfectly in this setting. As the diamonds are fixed in a channel, safety is its most significant advantage. It can quickly absorb any kind of accidental hit without getting damage. Due to the narrow channel shape, it is tough to clean. The second issue is with its resizing because the entire band is embraced with diamonds, so cutting and rebuilding consume a lot of time.

2)    Bar Setting

Similarly, as a channel, the bar setting is also designed in a manner to provide adequate security for diamonds. Basically, each stone on band is separated by metal bars that tightly hold them. Unlike channel, it can be embraced with big stone as a crown but must be low profile. Do not prefer a model in which metal parts rise outside. In this setting, diamonds get better exposure from 2 sides. If you want a safe ring along with excellent visibility of diamonds, this can be a great option. Its band is entirely encircled with stones, thus resizing is challenging as well as expensive too.

3)    Flush Setting

This one is the safest diamond ring settings and suitable for people belongs to any kind of profession. It is also known as a gypsy setting in which diamond safety is a priority rather than its exposure. As compared to other diamond ring settings, it consumes more metal. Platinum is the suggested for flush engagement rings setting due to its better durability than gold. Talking about the dimensions, a hole is drilled inside the band to fix a diamond. Once the stone is settled, a hammer is used to warp metal around it. The sleek polished look without any edges makes it a perfect ornament for regular wearing. Due to the excessive metal use, the visibility of diamond reduces consequently limited amount of light can pass through.  

Diamonds are meant for life thus a regular wear diamond ring must be manufactured in practical setting. Suggestions of an expert jeweller are essential before placing an order. You may check a renowned website of local jewellers. Schedule an appointment and visit there physically to explain the expectation in detail.


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