10 Things No One Tells You about Owning a Dog

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So you want to get yourself a dog? Well, maybe you are inspired by the fact that your friends own dogs. It could be that you have always admired with a bit of envy, that neighbor, as he walks around the estate in the company of his dog. Or maybe you want company. Well, people will only tell you the obvious things about getting a dog. Some will tell you the pros to encourage you. Others may simply want to discourage you by telling you the disadvantages of getting yourself a dog.

Before you even contemplate getting a dog, ensure that your home is dog friendly. Make adjustments where needed. Like, getting a cable protector to prevent the dog from chewing on your cables, changing your upholstery fabric to something that more durable and easy to clean and keeping breakable items under lock and key to avoids accidents as dogs can play with just about anything.

Having said that, here are 10 things no one bothers to tell you before getting that pet.


  • It’s an expensive affair


You should be prepared to cough out a considerable amount if you are planning to get a dog. How about the vet appointments, trips to the dog spa for grooming sessions, set of toys and other countless absurd expenses?  Budget for that!


  • You will have to keep talking along the streets


You will turn to be a lifetime instructor. Giving instructions and directions to your pup along the streets will be a usual thing. You will no longer walk as silently as you used to. You have “someone” to talk to. The only thing is that he will not be talking back.


  • Your finally have a ‘live’ diary


During those moments when you want to vent after a long day, be sure that your secrets are safe with your dog. He will always be there ready to listen or rather pretend to listen to your whining about how your new date just stood you up.


  • Your house will have a new smell


Whether you use air fresheners or not, dogs have their own unique body odor which will be evident in your house. If the smell is not as pleasing, you may want to get some nice smelling shampoo and powder for your pooch. That notwithstanding, there is always a smell associated with the dogs that you will have to withstand.


  • Sometimes dogs can mess around


Sometimes, even the most disciplined dogs may forget instructions. They may end up relieving themselves in the wrong place, or even refuse to feed. Sometime your dog will become too angry or too happy and end up messing around. You will have to keep studying the moods and reactions. If your dog gets hyper and messy, treat him with understanding and discipline leniently when necessary.


  • You will always find traces of dog hair around


Be it in your wardrobe or lounge, there will always be some traces of dog hair wherever your dog goes. Be keen to check out for dog’s hair, for example on your clothes and brush it off. Keep tidying up around your house for the same. Always have a sheet or a blanket for your pup, just to minimize the presence of dog hair on your seats, carpet and such like places.


  • You will no longer have personal space


Just when you want sometime, some space by yourself, your dog will be there. It is at such a time that your dog wants attention. That moment when you want to relax on the couch, he too will come. If you try to ignore the dog, he will act lonely and rejected. Therefore, you will have to bear with having ‘us time’ as opposed to ‘me time’ to accommodate your dog.


  • You will be made to feel guilty while eating


Whether you have already fed your dog in time, or you faithfully stick to the feeding schedule, your dog will be staring at you as you eat. He will move his eyes as you move your fork from plate to mouth and vice versa. This will make you feel so sorry and guilty. But, you would rather just stick to the set schedule of feeding the dog within the set time and on the recommended dog diet.


  • The dog may affect your social life


Think of it this way, maybe you were used to spending weekends with friends. Well, the dog will become your new friend. You will spend weekends grooming him, playing, bonding or taking a walk. This will eat up on the time you used to spend with friends, thus affecting your social life. However, if you were looking at keeping off some company, then opting for a dog is a great idea.


  • You will always have a warm welcome back home


After a long day at work, your best friend will be waiting. The dog will always be excited to see you back home. This will come in handy as a therapy, especially if you did not have a good day in the first place. There is something to look forward to in the evening whether the day was bright or dark.


Before getting a dog, get information such as vaccination, dogs diseases, feeding, travel documents among other issues, just in case such or related need strikes.

Remember that your dog won’t refrain from taking a genital bath just because you have visitors! Now that you are well informed, you are empowered to make an independent and wise decision before bringing a dog to your home.

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